ACME-DNS Credentials

I’ve setup a selfhosted ACME-DNS Server ( which is running fine. Used to create and renew Certificates. Now I want to use certify. But I can’t find where to put the Settings got from the REGISTER ( curl -X POST command

Hi, I think the easiest way is to just use acme-dns normally in certify without reusing credentials (just hit Test to register and be promoted for the cnames values to create) but I haven’t tried transferring credentials from another client into Certify.

There possibly is a way to do it, domain specific config is kept under c\programdata\certify\acme-dns (from memory, I’m on my phone).

To be clear, Certify self-registers for acme-dns, you just need to request the certificate then populate the CNAME as prompted, then request the cert again.