Cant use iis ip as domain name

So I want to get a SSL cert for my IIS and I found this page on google. When I ran the exe, I’ve got asked for a domain name like “” but I want to get the cert for my IP and I have no domain and the field for “Domain name” rejects IP addresses tho im troubled and asking for your help.


Certificates for IP addresses are not supported by Let’s Encrypt, which is the certificate authority we currently use.

Certificates are usually used as a way to confirm either a domain identity (domain validation) or an organisations identity. Unfortunately SSL certificates cannot be used to confirm the identity of an IP address only. The easiest fix for this is to get a domain then point that to your IP and go from there.

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If you just need an SSL cert to satisfy an https requirement you could look into creating a self-signed certificate, this won’t be trusted by other people’s web browsers but you can make your own browser trust it.