Constellix DNS API


We are moving from DNS Made Easy to Constellix as a DNS provider, although technically this is the same company behind them, I guess the DNS Made Easy API authentication method won’t work directly for Constellix. Does anyone know of a way to get this functional?


Are you moving to Constellix on purpose or are they migrating you? If they are migrating you I’d consider a move to a larger supported provider instead (Cloudflare, Route53, Google Cloud etc). We don’t have any plans to implement a Constellix provider simply because there are thousands of possible DNS providers all with their own API. We would potentially implement it if it was added to the Posh-ACME project (where we get some of our DNS providers).

You can script DNS add/delete using your own scripting (in any language):

I’d personally recommend looking at running an acme-dns service as this lets you have a least-privilege DNS update mechanism. Although it’s a little complicated to setup at first, it’s a good system. I have considered whether we could provide a managed acme-dns service for customers but we haven’t had any requests for that yet.

Unfortunately then, we are moving on purpose. Decisions above my pay grade as they say.

I will look to see if I can hack something together on the scripting front.

The reason that I use your client is that we run post-processing scripts that then logs into multiple other deployments to iterate through certificates that are assigned and swap as necessary.

Yes, I’d recommend looking at acme-dns or scripting. I see their documentation uses postman, so copying that you could script in nodejs (for example).

Ultimately we provide the DNS API providers as a convince but there’s no realistic way we can provide API support for all DNS providers in use as we just don’t have the resources. We are considering the idea of providing a managed acme-dns subscription service (where you point a CNAME at the service and that takes care of responding).

A quick update to this one Chris, I decided that providing beer money/sponsorship to Ryan at PoshACME might be a better solution. all around. He has created a new plugin for Constellix DNS. I will test this as a raw thing sometime over the weekend.

That’s great! We are also one of the few sponsors for Posh-ACME as we rely on Ryan’s excellent work for quite a few DNS providers. He’s done a great job with that project.