CSV Import Authorization Settings

Is it possible to set the Authorization Settings when importing from a csv?

I would like to be able to import sites and set the Challenge Type to dns and set a custom script as the DNS Update Method. Or if there was a way to setup default settings for newly imported managed certificates that would work.

Hi Matt,

The import will currently assume an http challenge type:

Alternatively you have the option of talking directly to the backend API for sophisticated integrations however the API will change between versions:

The api is available at http://localhost:9696 when the service is installed.

Hi, sorry to necro an old thread but this is exactly the issue we are experiencing currently.

Is it possible these days to use DNS challenge method with a CSV import? We are trying to import 300+ domains and IIS bindings at one time, so having a bulk import method instead of clicking in the GUI is critical.


Hi Alternity,

No there is currently no CSV import support that lets you set the challenge method. While we could add a field or two to the CSV format that would be unlikely to match everyone’s requirements so eventually CSV as a solution hits a wall.

One alternative you could consider is to script your own import and write new entries into the C:\ProgramData\Certify\manageditems.db (SQL Lite database).

You can use DB Browser for SQLite to view the contents of this database. You will see that each entry has a generated guid and a JSON configuration (the Id in there is the same as the top level Id), you could use one site as a template and insert new copies with the key fields replaced and the Ids updated. This is obviously not a supported method but it is an option if you can make it work (it would require testing).

Note that this structure will change in future versions of the app so you can’t rely on it staying the same (for automation etc). It does suggest that for some users we need to offer a more sophisticated option such as a way for people to code their own imports against the internal API.

If you would like to open a support ticket with support at certifytheweb.com we could discuss it in more detail.