Dns-01 Update Method with SimpleDNS

I"m attempting to set up the automatic renewal and using SimpleDNS. On SimpleDNS I have the http API enabled with Digest as the authenication.

When I attempt to input the information info the crednetials of Certify the Web I ended up always getting an error.

I entered in the servers IP address (, auth key as the “User ID” from SimpleDNS, and auth secret as the “password” from SimpleDNS

The error that I get back is check credentials are correctly set when I attempt to pull back the DNS Zone ID.

What is it that I am missing or doing wrong?


Our SimpleDNS api provider was user contributed and as such I don’t have a test server for this however I’ve downloaded a test copy and had a look at the UI, the configuration required appears to be quite specific (not the default):

The current provider code expects to construct the API call as `https://ip:port/v2/ so you need:
https setup for your API.

Once you can browse to the SimpleDNS API in a browser OK then the rest of the API should work. e.g.: https://yourdomain.com:8053/v2/swagger.json

That said, in my tests I have been unable to get the API integration to work and I will now have to consider whether we will attempt to fix it or remove it completely. As a workaround I recommend either using http validation instead of DNS, or switching DNS provider (such as cloudflare or route53), or try acme-dns (which currently requires setting up your own acme-dns server).

If you need anyone for beta testing please let me know. I am more then willing to.

I would love the functionality to be fixed and continued to be support. SimpleDNS is an amazing product.

Well I will give it a try and see if I can get it to work with the software. I’m somewhat familiar with the SimpleDNS API because I am using it in a couple of our internal applications to make DNS changes on the fly and without user interaction.

Thanks, other point I missed was you need to set authentication to basic. The main problems I found were the zone results are not populated properly (although you can just type your zone name) and domains with 2 tld levels don’t work (like .co.uk)