Does the STARTER version allow adding Password(s) to .PFX?

From an entry in 2018:

v5.1.3 has been released now with the UI fix to show the PFX password selection options.

The option is enabled under Settings > UI Settings > Custom PFX/Private Key password then relaunch UI and choose PFX password credentials under Certify > Advanced > Signing & Security.

[I am using the Community Edition] I can navigate to that. However, the dropdown only shows ‘NO PASSWORD’. I am unable to add a password and therefore, unable to use the PFX in my Server Essentials 2016 Anywhere Access setup.

Is there a default password for .pfx files?

Hi, yes all versions support all features. The default pfx password is blank.

To use a password, go to Settings > Stored Credentials and add a new stored credential of the type ‘Password’, then you will be able to select this from the Signing & Security tab. You will need to re-request the certificate in order to apply the password to the updated pfx.