Error starting service and application on Windows Server 2016 Datacenter

I am getting this error with CertifyTheWeb app version 4.1.6.

  • I’ve reinstalled the app from a newly downloaded installer.
  • The app will not start
  • The “Certify.Service” will not start
  • I’ve Uninstalled and then reinstalled with the 4.1.6 installer
  • I looked in the c:\ProgramData\Certify\serviceconfig.json file and it’s all NULLS

This is in the .\Certify\logs\service.exception.log

Service Exception :: [8/21/2019 4:25:18 PM] :: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at Certify.Service.OwinService.Start() in C:\Work\GIT\certify\src\Certify.Service\Program.cs:line 184
at Topshelf.ServiceConfiguratorExtensions.<>c__DisplayClass2_01.<WhenStarted>b__0(T service, HostControl control) at Topshelf.Builders.DelegateServiceBuilder1.DelegateServiceHandle.Start(HostControl hostControl)
at Topshelf.Runtime.Windows.WindowsServiceHost.OnStart(String[] args)

It appears that on 7/26 something occurred that killed the serviceconfig.json file and filled it with NULL.

I moved the file out of the folder to my desktop and then tried to start the Certify Shrive. It started. Then I started the Certify application and it started. It appears that is the serviceconfig.json file is empty or corrupt that starting the service and app causes an error.

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Thanks, this is currently a known issue and the next release will have protection against this scenario.