Export certificate task for remote hosts

Hello, I need your help to understand how to carry out a certificate export to a remote windows server using export certificate task, in the validation it shows me the following message “UNC path expected for windows network resource”

very thanks

You can’t provide a local path for a remote resource. You must have a network share ready on the remote system that can use the Credentials you configure. (the service needs specified credentials to impersonate)

If you can’t put the path in an Explorer window on the Certify machine and have it resolve correctly, you can’t put it here.

I’m a little unsure why the Target Host or IP is necessary considering it gets that from the UNC path and the credentials contain the domain? I’ve never used this feature on an AD managed network before and Certify doesn’t seem able to use the ‘MicrosoftAccount’ domain correctly.

The Target Host box is actually unused for network share copies (the UNC path does all the work) but if you were copying via SFTP then it does matter.

So yes, if you are just copying locally (to your D drive) you probably don’t need Authentication set to anything other than Local. Using Windows Network Authentication implies you are copying over the network so you need to point to a UNC share on the other machine, because the Certify background service runs as Local System and doesn’t know about mapped drives etc.

Thank you very much for your clarifications, I was solved using the absolute UNC path to copy through the network.


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