I successfully requested a new certificate, now what do I do?

I ran the wizard on my Windows IIS (Azure VM) and I first did the test, then I did the Request Certificate, and it said Successful, then I don’t know what to do after that.

And can someone explain the part I read about the certificate expires every day (I could have sworn I read something that said that). How often do I have to renew something is what I am not sure about.

What do I have to do to setup https://www.(mydomain).com?


@DataJuggler assuming you had a website that you selected and you requested a certificate for it then the default configuration would be that your website is now automatically configured for https and has a certificate associated with it. If instead you optioned to manually enter domains (rather then selecting them from an existing website on your server) then the certificate will just be stored in your computers certificate store ready for you to use it.

It’s worth reading up on Let’s Encrypt in general to understand how their certificates work, but the idea behind this app is to handle the certificate request for you and to automatically apply/deploy it to your website.

Certificates from Let’s Encrypt expire after 90 days, but by default Certify will begin attempting to renew your certificate after a couple of weeks (configurable under Settings) and let you know if there is a problem doing that. If renewal is all working fine then the app will basically take care of refreshing your certificate forever until you tell it to stop.

I did setup the certificate, it has successfully passed all tests, but still it doesn´t work, it doesn´t respond to https
But it still works on http

What else it have to be done? I´ve already open firewall ports 443