Install LE cert alongside another non-LE cert with One Server IP address (Win Server 2008)


  • We have a web server running “Windows Server 2008 R2” with one IP address.

  • We already have a previous certificate installed from a different CA against a certain domain (Domain 1).

  • We then installed your Certify Certificate Management client application and successfully installed an “Let’s Encrypt” SSL certificate against another domain (Domain 2).

  • But, of course, we can’t install another certificate using the one IP address. So we specified a non-default SSL port (442) as opposed to the default SSL port of 443 for Domain 2. We could do this as the Domain 2 is merely for a demo site and having to specify the 442 port in the URL is not a problem for us at this point.

  • The binding appears to have been applied to Domain 2 successfully, but the website hanging off Domain 2 doesn’t want to render.

see screenshot included with confidential info blocked out.

  • Any idea what I am missing? Do you need anymore information? Thank you in advance!

@TheYu sounds like you know what you’re doing, which is great! I would guess that your firewall (either on the server or if you are cloud hosted then the security policy for the machine) does not allow tcp traffic on port 442. If it was working but just serving the wrong cert you’d get a different error.