Re-setup Certify software on new server

We used the Certify software on our old server to get new certs.

Then we moved to a new server and I manually exported the certs from the old server and installed them on the new server. I did not use the Certify software for this at all.

Now, we need to renew the certs on the new server, so I installed the Certify software there. When I start it, it does not list the installed certs under Managed Certificates. How do I accomplish this? Do I just click New Certificate? Even though these aren’t really new?

Yes, you can just set up new managed certificates as you did originally.

An alternative would have been to copy the configuration from c:\programdata\certify but that would only really work if all the IIS sites ids stayed the same.

Work on export/import UI is on the list of things to do, thats likely to be next year though.

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Thanks. When I setup new managed certificates as I did originally, do I use the same or different names? (The box that’s pre-populated with “New Managed Certificate.”)

@jbliss the name of the managed certificate is just for your reference, so it can be the same or you can update it whenever you like. If you choose an IIS site then the default will be that site name, but again you can change it to whatever makes sense to you.

OK. And, when I copied over the sites to the new server, I also copied:


Do I leave those there or should I delete them first?

Those will be reconfigured as required if they are needed (depending on authorization settings) but theres no harm in keeping them.

If you ever switch to DNS validation instead of the default HTTP method them you can delete those altogether.