Wildcard not visible

I have requested a wildcard certificate. No problem once I got DNS provider to help me out with the validation. I choose No Deployment since I have more than one server I wish to use it for. But where is it? I have searched harddrive but can’t see any files that would match (pem, cer or pfx). Is it me being really stupid?

Thanks in advance!

Solved! I chose some other options instead and ended up with a satisfactory result.

Thanks anyway!


Hi, sounds like you’ve figured it out but you would normally want to deploy to the certificate store at least. Other options include copying/converting the PFX file using a post-request powershell script.

Hi, thanks for replying webprofusion. I went back and selected “Certificate Store” instead like you suggested and then just exported it. My first choice was however “No deployment”, expecting a certificate file being saved to my HDD. The server that I used to create the certificate request from will not be using the certificate. Therefore I didn’t feel it necessary to add it to the certificate store.

My “No Deployment” certificates end up in C:\ProgramData\Certify\certes\assets\pfx
Judging by the documentation, it was not always that location and may very well change in the future. But you can get PowerShell scripts to tell you exactly where it goes every success run.

By default C:\ProgramData\ is a hidden folder. If you don’t have hidden folders visible, Windows search may perhaps skip it?