1 cert, 2 domains, 2 zones at cloudflare


I’m trying to get 2 different domains in one certificate, say www.domain1.com and www.domain2.com. Each domain has it’s own zone at Cloudflare.

I can configure both domain names to be included in the certificate, but at the authorization settings for cloudflare I can select only 1 zone. When requesting the certificate CTW creates all the TXT records in the selected zone (e.g. domain1). LE will however try to find the TXT record for domain2 in zone 2.

Is there some smart way to handle this kind of config?

Hi, yes to authorize two different zones within one certificate click Add Configuration on the Authorization tab, enter the same cloudflare details but choose the other zone and enter the domain to match the config to e.g. *.domain2.com will match for www.domain2.com and domain2.com.

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Ah yes, found it. The Domain Match field only appears after clicking on Add configuration.

PS. I think I found a small GUI bug. Open the preview tab of a certificate and than run the Test. The Preview page overlaps the Test log.

Thanks, yes we hide domain match by default because people were filling it out thinking it was required for normal configurations.

Thanks for raising the UI bug, I did know about that one but the only fix is to hide the test log - the actual preview uses the windows browser control which draws above the everything else in our window.