5 managed certificates - Meaning?

I’m somewhat new to this application. Its pretty nice. I have one windows server with one domain that need ssl and probably a couple of more domains. We are a startup just starting. I’m confused about 5 certificates.

Can i use this to start with and later on upgrade?
if then the limits 5 means totally i can renew upto 5 times only? or 5 certificates/domains that can be managed perpetually?

As a bootstrapped company, we tend to limit the spending unless some revenue coming. Sorry to bother with this silly question.

Thanks, I understand - we are a bootstrapped company as well and quite possibly smaller than yours :slight_smile:

The limit is on the number of different certificates the app will manage renewals for (in the free community edition), and a certificate can actually cover up to 100 domains/subdomains. It’s not a limit on the number of renewals, it a limit of the number of different managed certificates.

So for instance if you had 4 websites that were each setup in IIS as different sites you would then likely want one certificate for each site (and each site might be known as domain.com and www.domain.com for instance but may also have some other domains all used as part of the same site). That’s 4 different managed certificates, and once you set them up in the app these will constantly renew (regardless of which license you have).

So, the 5 managed certificates means 5 certificates that can be managed perpetually.

The community edition of the app will start to show a “nag” screen asking you to purchase a license key when you try to add the first few managed certificates, then stop letting you add new ones once you hit the limit. The actual limit is currently 10, but we will be migrating to 5 eventually.

Thanks for the quick response. its clear now. I’m going to use this and upgrade later.

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