Acme_dns renewal failure

Hoping someone can help as I’m out of ideas.

I’ve got a single certificate renewing via acme_dns. Previously it’s been working without issue, then a few months ago the automatic renewal stopped working but manually clicking the “Request Certificate” button in the software worked. This morning I’ve found even that has stopped working and I have no clue why.

Error log shows as follows (added an image because when I try to post the text it tells me "new users can only post 5 links)

Running a CNAME check via MXToolbox gives me the right result so I’m unsure why it’s failing or why the log is suggesting a problem with the CNAME.

Any ideas?


The “Update failed” message means when it tried to send the TXT record value to the acme-dns service, the API rejected the call. Someone else mentioned acme-dns doing something similar a while ago.

We don’t manage the acme-dns service, that’s independent, so I can’t say if anything has happened to it or not (we do operate the Certify DNS service, which is much the same but will eventually be a paid service).

I’d suggest re-doing your acme-dns registration if you want to stick with that service, to do so delete the appropriate registration details under C:\ProgramData\Certify\acmedns and you will then be required to update the CNAME record value when you next click ‘Request Certificate’.

Thanks, that seems to have fixed things at least for now anyway.

Will see how things go with the existing acme-dns but if it’s going to prove unreliable I may end up switching, although cost will always be a factor so it may depend how much Certify DNS end up charging vs how annoying acme become.

Thanks again for the help

Glad you got it working. The acme-dns service has been reliable for years but they may have moved the database and lost some data, they don’t provide any direct support or uptime (many people run their own instance instead).

Our Certify DNS service is planned to cost $4.99 per month (so roughly the same as having to host a small linux VM, except you don’t have to host/maintain anything).