Add a New Deployment - Task Export

I would like to be able to backup my Certify The Web config regularly, if the Export feature was available as a deployment task I could back it up each renewal.

Or any other method of scheduling an export would suffice, there may be a way at present that i’m unaware of…I’m pretty new to Certify The Web.




That’s a good idea, the export feature isn’t currently available from the command line but if it was you could set it up as a scheduled task.

The best way to backup is currently to backup C:\ProgramData\certify along with your normal backups. A key thing to consider with that is that certain items (stored credentials and accounts) are encrypted using the local system account, so they can’t just be decrypted on other machines- that’s why the export exists (to decrypt and package the right information).

We’ll get the export option added for the command line in the next update, that should provide a reasonable backup solution.