All the Certification will be changed when applying new Certification in IIS

I am using IIS v6.5 with Certificate Management.
All the website certification will be changed to the last one when applying a new certification.
For example, I have 3 websites(A, B, C), when I apply for B, and A’s certification will be changed to B’s, and when I apply for C that A, B will be changed to C.


Windows 2008 R2 and below require that each certificate is bound to its own IP address, so the problem you are describing is a feature of Windows. The software warns of this on startup on Server 2008.

You need to give each website https binding its own IP address or move to a newer operating system that supports SNI (server name indication which uses the hostname to share the IP/port combinations).

Future versions of Certify will not support Server 2008 as it will no longer be supported by Microsoft.

Thank you for answering. That is helpful.