Alternate Email Address

Certify uses an account to email if there is an issue. Since I started using Certify, my primary email address has changed and also I would like it to use an alternate email address for notifications (like I am out of the office on Vacation, I could have a backup person notified if there is an issue). As we have seen with the Let’s Encrypt revocation or revokation in late February 2020/March 2020 that things pop up and quick action must be taken.

Essentially any single certificate is tied to a single email address. If you want to “change” your email address, simply renew the certificate using a different email.

Since this system is managed by Let’s Encrypt, I’ll point you to their documentation.

Not what I was trying to ask. I want the Certify program itself to have an alternate email address for Certify program notifications (like failed to renew, etc…). Currently, it only allows for a Primary Contract which is tied to the Let’s Encrypt Account and Certify License. I want a Secondary Contact that is just used for notifications (not Let’s Encrypt Account and Certify License - keep those as is).


The email for the registered contact (under settings) is only for Lets Encrypt/acme and for renewal failure notification and is otherwise not related to your license key, so just go to Settings and hit new contact to change the email address to a better one, future renewal issues will go to that new email.

V5 does have multiple account support but that doesn’t change much relevant to this.