[Answered] Adding a password to a current PFX causes all tasks to fail

So I’ve tried to find my answer but am having trouble. I have successfully set up and generated a certificate with Certifytheweb and LE. I have a few Tasks to deploy some files. When I go to Cert\Advanced\Security and set a password for private key and PFX, the tasks no longer work. The error I get is a bunch of code jargon but something about a Network Password is incorrect. When I set Security to no password, the tasks run perfectly fine.

Do I have to regenerate/renew the certificate while the password/Security option is set? Or is this a bug (setting Security to use a password after certificate is issued)?

Hi, when you request a certificate the resulting certificate is stored as a PFX file. If you then set a new password the PFX is still using the old password (or blank) but the Tasks you have then added don’t know that the password was previously different and they will try to use the new password.

So if you set up a new password, to get it to use the new password you need to click Request Certificate again to fetch the cert again and re-encrypt it with the new password, then the tasks will also be able to use the password, where applicable.

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Thank you that worked! Also makes sense

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