Answered - How to Change License

We’re losing a client and have our Certify License on their web server. They’ve decided to keep using the software at our recommendation, and have purchased their own license, asking us to install it for them.

I’ve done it once by revoking the authorization online, and then updating to the latest version of Certify, however this time around they’re fully up to date and the controls to change the license are grayed out. I’ve revoked the authorization online, and I tried uninstalling and reinstalling to force it to check for license details, but no luck.

Any idea on how to get this license changed?

Many Thanks!


Hi Brian,

As you have already removed the install from your profile you should just have to delete the C:\ProgramData\Certify\reg_1 file and restart the UI. This will revert to Community Edition ready for them to apply their own license key. Any issues they can of course email support at with specific details.

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Worked like a charm! Thanks so much for the help!

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