API Key for Emby Media Server?

Is there a API Key that is can use with EMBY Media Server?

Hi Patrick, Certify doesn’t currently use API keys for anything, Envy might but they will be their own ones.

What instructions are you trying to follow that require an API key?

Ik apologize me for this very late response. I have not yet followed instructions to make certifytheweb work together with Emby server. The only thing I don’t want is that Microsoft IIS needs to be installed to use certifytheweb and emby server. make it work with each other. I do get a pfx key but I have to renew it manually every 3 months. I would like to see that happen automatically without involving MICROSOFT IIS. Greetings

Hi Patrick,

IIS is not strictly required in order to fetch a certificates, it’s just the most common use case. Have you tried fetching a certificate anyway? Certificates from Let’s Encrypt only last for 90 days, that’s why Certify The Web does automatic certificate renewals.

I have already installed a certificate and that works without problems, I think the problem lies with Emby. In Emby I can indicate a pfx file to link to Emby but not a folder in which the pfx file is located. And so when the certificate is replaced, the new certificate is not linked to Emby.

Depending on what “linking” to Emby means… you might still be able to automate it. For instance, I have a mail server that I request certificates for. A post process script gets the new pfx filename, does some conversions and saves it to a common file path. Then the script restarts the service and the new certificate is picked up from the old file name. Since the service is just looking for a file path, I don’t have to do anything extra for it to use the new certificate that I overwrote.