Automatic renewal time

What time of day does the app run the automatic certificate renewals at? I can’t seem to find info on when it will run, or a way to give it a time window of when to run during the day it needs to renew a certificate. I don’t want it running during the day or evening, only overnight. Thanks.

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Hi Ryan,

The renewals check runs every 60 minutes and in the current release there is no way to specify a limitation on that other than stopping the Certify background service and only starting it during maintenance hours.

The next release (due before the end of the year) will include a Deferred Deployment option, where the certificate will be renewed but not applied until you either manually run the deployment step or you run the deployment command from the command line (or a scheduled task). This feature is specifically aimed at users who need to deploy the latest certificate during a maintenance window.

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For the time being you could script this particular function as a scheduled task. In other words only have the service stop at certain times