Backup Certify the Web config?

Hi all,

Last week I had my first server crash and lost all config. Need to redo it now, but would like to know where I can backup the configuration so I do not lose it… What folder do I backup? What service do I stop before backup?




To backup your settings you can copy C:\programdata\certify and restore that after a crash however if you are operating a virtual machine I would recommend snapshotting your server instead. When you recreate IIS sites they will have different siteids which can affect binding updates if deployment is set to Single Site instead of auto.

Also, if you store any credentials (such as DNS API keys) these will not be accessible on a new server and will need to be replaced under Settings.

Perfect, thanks. And agree, backups and snapshots should be created - that’s a lot easier…this is just a secondary measure in case all fails… I do not use IIS but WAMP (Apache)…