Can't get certificate to generate!

so guys am going to make this short as possible i have a windows 2012 r2 server i have installed iis on it(simple installation process)and now whenever i try to generate a certificate it gives me this error :
Failed to create certificate order: Failed to begin certificate order
Cannot issue for “localhost”: DNS name does not have enough labels

yes am using my localhost as i don’t have any domains but idk why its doing that? i really in need of a help i have been trying to fix this since 9 hours and still can’t get it to work. any help is much appreacited.

Hi Martin,

We should add some validation to flag that problem for you. Certify The Web (because of the Let’s Encrypt service it uses) can only generate certificate for public domains (e.g., or * localhost or intranet host names are not supported.

You’d need to generate a self signed certificate to get that to work, some examples of that are here: