Certificate Authorities

Hello Community,

This is the first time I cam here, from certify the web GUI, I noticed there are different certificate authorities available (like Let’s encrypt, buypass ssl etc), also it shows I need to register an account with every ACME, currently I only have an account for Let’s encrypt, may I know how can I register an account for other authorities, like buypass SSL etc?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, more information on the supported certificate authorities can be found here: Certificate Authorities | Certify The Web Docs

There are two types of ACME certificate authority account: with External Account Binding (EAB), and without.

ZeroSSL (and ssl .com) use EAB, so you have to register on their websites first to use their services, then get your EAB credentials and supply them when adding the account in Certify The Web.

Let’s Encrypt and BuyPass Go do not use EAB, so you don’t have to create an account on their website first, you select them, enter your email address and add the account. [Settings > Certificate Authorites > Add Account]