Certificate cannot be received

Hello community
We were able to install the certificate on Windows Server 2012 R2 without any problems. However, the certificate cannot be received from the Internet. Instead, the router certificate is received.

How can I set up the certificate on the server so that it can be received by visitor browsers for the homepage www.webmarkt-ch.ch?

Thanks for your support

Greetings, René

Hi René

From your description it sounds like the certificate request is working ok (via http port 80) but when you browse to your website via https you get the router homepage.

This is because your router is answering port 443 https requests and instead needs to forward port 443 to your web server (just as it already does for port 80).

You absolutely do not want your router login page visible from the internet as it will be exposed to attacks from random visitors.

I would recommend hosting websites on dedicated networks like cloud providers etc if you can, rather than hosting on your own network. If your webserver (or router) is compromised it is then also a route into your own network.

Dear Webprofusion
Thanks for your Input.
Switching hosting to a provider is not an option. Thanks to your tips I found the problem with the router setup.
The homepage now works on port 443.
Thanks a lot and greetings

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