certificate limit per license

Hello, my company is interested in subscribing to Certify The Web through an Azure subscription, my question is the following, for how many different domains does this license allow me to generate certificates? , for how many subdomains can I generate certificates with this license? Thank you very much in advance and I hope for a prompt response to decide the purchase.

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A license key is used to activate one or more installs of the application . Each activated install can manage an unlimited number of certificates.

The limits that affect issuance (e.g. number of subdomain certs under an apex domain) are limitations of your chosen Certificate Authority (CA). The default CA used by the app is Let’s Encrypt: Rate Limits - Let's Encrypt and other CAs will have their own rate limits. Other limits include how many domains can be included on a single cert (e.g. 100) etc

We strongly recommend downloading the app and trying it out to see if it meets your requirements in general.