Certificate location

What is the certificate location when I configure the application to not perform deployment? It says it will save the certificate on disk, but no reference as to where…

I had the same problem.Thinking it would dump a certificate file on the hdd. Scanned all my hdd’s for any files but couldn’t find any. I went back and chose Certificate store instead and then it worked. It seems as No Deployment literally means No Deployment :slight_smile:


When the certificate is retrieved it is stored in a subfolder of C:\programdata\certify\ the exact filename varies with each renewal but can be found in v4 under ‘Show Advanced Options’ > Other Options, it is also available from the Post-Request scripting so you can use that to copy the file to custom locations etc. https://docs.certifytheweb.com/docs/script-hooks.html#script-basics

Hope that helps.

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Hi. What I can’t find is the location of the Private Key of my recently generated certificates.
If I don’t want them installed onto the store or the IIS, how do I get the Private Key so I can later set it on another platform?


Both the public key and private key are inside of the *.pfx file that is generated. For some reason Windows certmgr.msc refuses to export the private key, but you can use OpenSSL to get both.

I use something like:
openssl.exe pkcs12 -in %PFXFILEPATH% -nocerts -nodes -passin pass: -out %PRIVATEKEYPATH%
openssl.exe pkcs12 -in %PFXFILEPATH% -chain -nokeys -nodes -passin pass: -out %CERTPATH%


Thanks a lot, @jljtgr ! It worked nicely :wink: