Certificate password


I renewed a certificate today (my testing is slooooow) by using the “Request Certficate” button). It looks like it didn’t use the certificate password I have specified for this certificate. After some testing I found that the password was not set on the .pfx file.

I selected explicitly the password using Certificate → Signing & Security → Security and tried again. This time I got a certificate with the correct password.

It is somewhat disconcerting that despite me specifying a password for the certificate, it might not be applied.

Now I start to worry about certificates downloaded automatically which might not have the correct password on the .pfx file.

Am I missing something?

Are you using the latest app version? It sounds a lot like the PFX password was not selected - it’s possible you added it as a stored credential but somehow it wasn’t actually selected as the password to use in the dropdown list. Once selected I would expect it to always be used for that particular managed certificate, without exception. [The password applies to subsequent Request Certificate attempts or automate renewals, so just selecting a password doesn’t apply it until the cert is regenerated, but it sounds like you know that already]

I’m not saying it’s not a bug, but it’s also not something any other users have reported.