Certificate request process failed

I select a new Site and running the Test option proceeds OK

But when I Request a Certificate I get this error:

2020-08-22 23:13:23.881 -05:00 [INF] Domain validation completed: XYZ.ABC.com
2020-08-22 23:13:23.882 -05:00 [INF] Requesting Certificate via Certificate Authority
2020-08-22 23:13:28.730 -05:00 [ERR] Certificate request process failed: System.Exception: Failed to build certificate as PFX. Check system date/time is correct and that the issuing CA is a trusted root CA on this machine. :Can not find issuer ‘C=NO,O=Buypass AS-983163327,CN=Buypass Class 2 Root CA’ for certificate ‘C=NO,O=Buypass AS-983163327,CN=Buypass Class 2 CA 5’.

Any ideas why this happens?

I moved to a new Windows 19 Server and IIS websites and now Certify the Web throws that error above.

FYI: The Server Date & Time is set as: This computer is set to automatically synchronise with ‘time.windows.com



Hi Mike, the problem here is that your server doesn’t know about (or trust) the BuyPass root certificate. You can download that from the BuyPass website and install it on your machine into the Trusted Root store, you will then need to restart the Certify background service to refresh the cache of trusted roots:


Normally this is all taken care of by windows updates etc which keep the list of trusted roots up to date automatically.