Certify Certificate Manager - Renewal Failure Notice

Your Certificate renewal has failed 9 times for the managed site abc.domain.com on server WIN-----. Please either check the configuration of this site or if you no longer require this certificate you can disable Auto Renew for this in the Certify The Web - Certify Certificate Manager app, on your web server.

What is meaning of this message and how to solve it?


I’m not sure how much you already know - if you are the administrator of this server I would assume you know what the message means?

Your website has a certificate managed by the Certify The Web app which is installed on the server. The renewal of the certificate is failing and if it continues to fail then it will eventually expire.

You need to open Certify The Web and click on the managed certificate that’s failing, then review the log to see what the latest error message is.

The most common reason would be that you have blocked TCP port 80 (http) at the Firewall and the Certificate Authority can no longer validate your domain using the default http validation.