Certify SSL Manager Starter Edition

what happens when certify the web license expires i currently have Certify SSL Manager Starter Edition
I only have 60 days left and it covers 5 domains

Hi, if you want to downgrade to Community Edition that’s fine, you will simply lose access to support and won’t be able to add additional managed certificates beyond the free app limit.

License expiry does not affect renewals and you can complete the process any time by choosing About > Deactivate Install (to stop the app reminding you your license has expired). You will also want to sign in to https://certifytheweb.com and choose “Cancel Now” from the License Keys tab, so you don’t keep getting reminders to renew your license. This option becomes available when you have around 30 days left before license expiry.

Thank you for the quick responce
I just did not wont to have any interruptions
Although i have not needed support even with my scripts I will continue to support the project

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