Certify the web Comunity Edition in the Business area

can someone tell me if i can use the Certify The Web Comunity Edition in an Business area?
I would like to use it for one of our customers, is this okay or is there an Business license.

Sorry for my bad English, i am a native german speaker.


There is nothing to specifically stop you using Community Edition for a business but the expectation is that a business will purchase a license key for one of the commercially supported editions, because certificate management is usually considered business critical infrastructure.

Community Edition has a couple of limits on available features and some features in future updates may only be available in licensed version. Only the licensed versions have access to the support helpdesk ticket system.

Paying for a license funds development and support, which ensures the app will continue to be useful for the long term.

Further to this we have revised the wording of our terms recently. We do now require all businesses (or other funded organizations) to upgrade to a licensed version once they have completed their evaluation. However, we don’t put a time limit on that evaluation.

I’m new to Open Source Licensing, but doesn’t the MIT license allow free use for commercial purposes? Is Certify the Web not licensed under MIT? (The GitHub page implies it is under the license section.)

Our licensing is mixed. External contributions to the Certify source code are licensed under MIT, all other code is copyright Webprofusion Pty Ltd as noted in the license text. All of the source code is publicly available on github for review, but that doesn’t affect our copyright or relate to our binary distribution.

Open Source as a movement does have a difficult/uneasy relationship with paying for use but it doesn’t necessarily mean free binaries, free support or free maintenance, that’s really up to the project owners. In our case we require licensed use for businesses.

While many businesses will instead choose to use some other free tool this is most often primarily motivated by aversion to corporate purchasing processes (e.g. individuals not being willing to prepare a purchase justification, not being willing to arrange payment authorization etc), it is not due to a lack of available funds - our Starter Edition license is $49.99.