Certify The Web for Windows Server 2016 Essentials Access Anywhere


Hello community! I’m new to Certify The Web and was hoping somebody could help me understand: Can I use Certify The Web to create a SSL Certificate for Remote Web Access and VPN on my home server (Windows Server 2016)? All I’m trying to do is get around having to purchase a SSL Certificate every year simply to access my server/network remotely. I’m not hosting a website, so I think all I need is a DV for Windows Server (IIS). Does anybody have a tutorial on exactly how to do this maybe?

Thank you!!!


The app is free for the first 5 managed certificates, so that usually covers most people. Sorry I don’t have any experience with Server Essentials. You should start by requesting a certificate for IIS then see how you can script it to apply to other services/products.


Okay, thanks Christopher!


Since WSE2016 uses SSL for Remote Web Access, I’m pretty sure it will work as hoped.
I use WSE2012 and the RWA website runs happily under a LE certificate. I don’t use SSL VPN so can’t answer that one, but would be interested to hear your results if you try it.