Certify the Web registration protocal / port?

Just set up an instance of Windows Server on AWS EC2 and while I can download and install Certify the Web, I can not register an account. It times out when trying to send the credentials or create the account.

Anyone know what needs to be turned on to allow an outbound send to register the product?

udp on what port? I can’t find any logs showing why I can not create a new account.


Certify uses Lets Encrypts API to register with them and to perform domain validation. You basically can’t block outgoing https (outgoing tcp port 443), otherwise the app won’t work. In addition to that if you are using http validation you definitely need to allow any incoming tcp/80 otherwise validation will fail.

LE don’t publish their IPs and constantly change them, validation may/will also occur from many geographical locations and different IPs.

Thanks for the reply. But CTW needs the same IPs as LE just to register the app or a new user?
In other words, I’m not even at the part to request a certificate from LE. I’m just trying to register the CTW app on a new server instance.

I’ll double check and make sure that the outbound tcp for 443 is open

On first use when you go to create a certificate you will be asked to register an account - this is with Let’s Encrypt (or your chosen Certificate Authority).

This in turn uses their API: https://acme-v02.api.letsencrypt.org/ - if you can’t browse to that using the desktop browser of the server then you can’t use their API.

CTW does have APIs for http validation testing, app registration (upgrading to Pro etc) and dashboard reporting but these are not required for the app to basically work.