CertifytheWeb & Hosttech DNS API

Hello everyone,
I am trying to access the DNS API of Hosttech.at via the CertifytheWeb client. Wo finde ich die Dokumentation zur Domain Reselling API?

Unfortunately I lack any programming knowledge and I just can’t figure it out, is there anyone here who can help how to implement this?

It is about the deployment on a Windows system.

Is there perhaps a way to officially integrate the Hosttech API into the Certify the Web client? That would be perfect :wink:

Many thanks and best regards!

Hi, there is no official support for the Hosttech.at built into Certify The Web but you could optionally sponsor development of a plugin for Posh-ACME, then we could integrate that: Posh-ACME/Posh-ACME at main · rmbolger/Posh-ACME · GitHub

In general we are not adding more DNS APIs directly expect via Posh-ACME, there are many thousands of DNS providers globally and they rarely share the same API (if they offer one at all). SOAP based APIs like this one are also slightly more complicated to build clients for.

As an alternative, consider:

  • Implement your own create/delete scripts in any scripting language and call those scripts via the Use Custom Script dns provider option: DNS Scripting | Certify The Web Docs
  • Using a large DNS provider that already has a supported API. e.g. Cloudflare, AWS Route 53, or one that implements RFC2136 for DNS updates.
  • Using Certify DNS (our cloud managed DNS challenge delegation service). Certify DNS | Certify The Web Docs


thanks for the reply ,

is there a needed Tier or One-Time Sponsoring Amount you recommend ? :wink:

thanks and best regards,

You’d need to discuss with Ryan on the Posh-ACME project as I can’t speak for him, his main constraints are time and that he has to buy a domain and host it on that DNS provider in order to build and test. If you can get someone to develop the plugin then submit that as a PR (pull request) to their project then that makes it easier.