Cloudflare DNS zone Id won't populate


I installed Certify the web on a server today and the DNS zone ID won’t populate. Its not the first time I did this on a server, so i’m perplex about the situation.


Originally Cloudflare supported only an ‘API Key’ which gave you broad permission for your DNS zones, we recently added support for their newer ‘API Token’ feature (where you can restrict permissions and have a token that’s specific to a single app, for instance).

I think you’ve used your API Key in the API Token input box when setting up the credential, so just replace the credential under Settings > Stored Credentials and instead set your email address and API key (leave token blank if your not using it). If you want to use a token, leave email and api key blank. Yes it is confusing to have both options.

When you’ve added a Stored Credential you can test it under Settings > Stored Credentials, and click on the credential you want to test. For cloudflare that means the app will then see if it can fetch any DNS zones using the given credential.