Combining CertifyTheWeb certificates and other certificates


I have a VPS on which I’m running CertifyTheWeb to provide SSL for a couple of websites on the server. I have added a new website to the server which requires an ‘EV certificate’ i.e. it will need to be issued by a third-party SSL provider. I have 2 questions:

  1. When I look to generate the CSR code for the new non-CertifyTheWeb, ordinarily in IIS I’d see a ‘Server Certificates’ icon which would guide me through the process. On my server that icon is not there. Is this something to do with CertifyTheWeb? Would installing CtW disable that native option in IIS on the server?

  2. Assuming I can get the option back to install my own certificate, will it work nicely alongside CtW? Will I need an additional IP address? Any danger of any conflicts?

Thanks folks.

I was looking at a Windows Server 2016 VM that has been running Certify for a while and I’m not seeing the issue you were describing. (#1)

Are you sure you’re looking at the root server node in IIS Manager?


You add the certs in the root server node and use the installed certs in the bindings of the websites… but you cannot add the certs in the website node. (the icon is missing)

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You’re absolutely right! Oversight on my part, thankfully. Many thanks for pointing this out, that’s reeeally helpful :slight_smile: