Common path for validation

So I want to have a single path on a server for HTTP validation that all IIS servers can use. This, so I don’t have to have HTTPS rewrite exceptions on all my servers and have validation folders in each.

To accomplish this, in the web side root directory I used a UNC path to that global location from each server but how do I tell the app the HTTP URL where that validation should occur? If the path is local the app can infer but when its remote how do I specify this URL location since if fails with error: “The website root path for xxxx could not be determined”.

Hi Perry,

UNC paths for website root folders are untested and may not work.

If you are on v4 you can use the built-in http challenge server to avoid having to provide IIS configuration (it temporarily sits in the http pipeline before IIS) but you still need port 80 open.

Note if you were using a shared volume to try to load balance/web farm validation responses this is a more complex problem and is not currently supported.