Community Certify the web max certificates


I saw this Community Edition Certs saying that max amount is 10.
Has this change to 5 in the recent update?


Yes, we are experimenting with where the limit should be - we noticed an increase in support queries from organizations (not individuals) who were using the free version but were really expecting to get premium features/help.

It’s a balance and if it’s a real inconvenience to individuals and hobbyists then we’ll put it back up, but if it’s just companies that complain because they don’t want to go through their organizations purchasing process then I don’t think we will.

I personally put in many hours per day doing support and development for Certify yet around 97% of our users are on the free community edition (which we want to keep doing). It’s an interesting problem and I’m not entirely sure if there is one solution that would work for everyone.

Thanks so much for the reply, was searching everywhere to find out.

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