Configuration Test failed

Hello friends, can someone help me with that?

I am also wondering that I cant see any HTTPS binding for 443 on the IIS. Shouldnt this be set automatically?

Thanks for your help!

Hi, if the certificate request is working but the test is failing you don’t really have to worry about it - the http challenge server is the optional built-in validation server that runs to avoid having to configure IIS but it falls back to using IIS if it needs to. Either the challenge server is failing to start because it’s already running, or because of a permission/configuration restriction or you have another server (such as apache etc) claiming the port.

Regarding the automatic https binding: this will only be created if you already have a http binding with the hostname set - if it’s http binding doesn’t have a name then the https binding won’t be created. If you already have your certificate you can manually add an https binding (using SNI +hostname) and it will be updated next time.

The Preview tab shows you exactly which bindings will be created/updated when the certificate next renews, so check the list of bindings at the bottom of the page.

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p.s. the next update will fix the Test fail as this should only be a warning.

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Thank you. But https doesnt work. I added the https binding manually and selected the certificate.

Browser says:

This website can not provide a secure connection has sent an invalid reply.
Try running the Windows Network Diagnostics.


Hi, check it’s not cached in your browser by using a different browser or incognito mode.

If you do have a binding conflict it will be because you have an https binding on the same server which is set to a specific IP address or is not using SNI. SNI allows certificates to share IP addresses, without it checked the binding will take priority over all other SSL bindings on the same machine.

If problem is still occurring after you have checked all your https bindings you can email support at with your real domain name details and I can check what it looks like from here.

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Okay I could manage to delimit the problem a bit.

is now secured by the certificate and works! The actual thing is that:… doenst work with https

this is a web based client software that should be available through https… but I think your help is over now. I think I need to talk to the developers…

Thanks for your help!

Hi, the problem you have there is that the IIS https binding will be on port 443, but your web application is running on port 9090, this may not even be an IIS service (apache?), so yes you or your developers need to then figure out how to proxy requests to port 443 through to that application.