Contributing to translation

Hello and thanks for this good project.
I want to translate Certify into my language.
Is it enough to translate the .resx files under the /src/Certify.Locales directory?


Thanks for your interest. To contribute a translation you would use the ResX Manager extension in visual studio, which is a tool which can coordinate all the translations together. Our UI resources are mainly defined in SR.resx. You would need to create your own fork, make your changes then submit a PR via github.

We are currently working on a new cross-platform UI which will likely be released later this year or next year so you may want to hold off contributing translations until then.

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I have completed the translation but I want to test it before PR.
I tried building Certify on my local computer but I am getting many errors.
I couldn’t find a guide for build the source code. Can you share?

Hi, this is all more a discussion for Issues · webprofusion/certify · GitHub but I’ve committed a couple of updates that were still hanging around on my machine, perhaps that was stopping you. The standard way you should be able to build would be:

Ensure you have Visual Studio 2022, .net 4.6.2 build target and .net 6 build targets/sdks installed

  • Clone the repo (development branch)
  • Open Certify.Core.Service.sln in VS, build and run (in Debug, not Release)
  • with service still open and running, Open Certify.UI.sln, build and run

If you have the current code, what errors are you seeing?

Thank you for the information you provided.
I submitted a PR without testing. I’ll try again as you describe and let you know.

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Thanks very much for your contributed translation, it’s very much appreciated. It will be included in the next release.

Open source contributors can also request a free license key by creating a user account on then emailing support at with your account email.