Cosmotown DNS validation

Is there a way to set up dns validation with Cosmotown?

Hi, we don’t currently have a built in provider for Cosmotown but if someone was to contribute a plugin to Posh-ACME (which is a project we help sponsor) then we could integrate that.

We’re generally not adding more DNS providers directly to Certify The Web (unless Posh-ACME adds them) because there are literally thousands of smaller providers and they all have their own custom API.

Assuming Cosmotown have an API, you can script your own updates (it involves add/updating a TXT record) like this: DNS Scripting | Certify The Web Docs

Or we also offer the Certify DNS service (Certify DNS | Certify The Web Docs) which is a DNS challenge delegation service, whereby you create a special CNAME record in your DNS for each domain, pointing to our service, then the actual update happens on our service.

Or if you move your domain DNS to a bigger provider like Cloudflare, then you’ll find they are well supported by this app and many others.

So yes, there’s definitely ways to do it.