Dashboard ... what am I missing?

Purchased Professional license, installed app on web server, registered app with license key, clicked Add to Reporting Dashboard button, received “success” reply, clicked View Dashboard button and … nothing. Dashboard list is completely empty. Unless my assumption that my web server (IIS 10) and all of my LE certs would show up is completely incorrect, what might be wrong? Am I supposed to open some ports or something? The Getting Started guide, quite frankly, sucks. It “starts” at a point where you already have certs / servers showing in your dashboard. That’s like saying that you should make a bologna sandwich by starting with a bologna sandwich.

NM, jumped the gun. I thought it would automatically add the IIS sites but now I see that you have to click New Certificate, even though you don’t want to actually create a new certificate. So there is no import process? That’s disheartening. I can’t imagine someone with 500 websites manually adding each and every certificate.

@threeonesix Hi Brian, I think we’ve confused you but I can see it from your perspective. Currently we only publish status updates when a renewal/request is attempted. So as each managed certificate renews it will be added to the dashboard. Eventually all of your sites will be listed.

I think adding all current certificate statuses on dashboard registration would be a great idea.

I wasn’t aware that the Getting Started guide covered the Dashboard at all? It’s aimed more at how to request your first certificate.

If you have ideas for what the dashboard should ideally provide, I’m all ears, currently it’s fairly basic.