Delete credentials

Is it possible to selectively delete credentials within CtW. I seems to recall you mentioning they’re in a sqllite table somewhere (aha !! C:\ProgramData\certify\credentials\cred.db) , but a proper interface to delete them would be handy and less likely to go wrong than diving in and nuking them directly using something like db browser for sqllite (Which I’ve tried and does work ;))

If not, could I suggest a modification to the credential listing window that allows you to delete unused credentials ?

Hi @stevo yes there is already a delete option under Settings > Stored Credentials, click on the credential you want to delete and click Delete (you can also Replace existing credentials etc). The app will do a quick check to verify that it doesn’t think anything is using that particular credential.

Duh, window size :frowning: Didn’t look for the buttons at the bottom.
Once I saw the add button at the top I assumed any other button would appear there as well.

Not really covered myself in glory on this one :smiley:

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