Deployment to local disk location?

Cannot find out where the certs are downloaded to if I choose “Save to local disk”. Does someone know the location?

For v4.x, I would check C:\ProgramData\Certify\certes\assets\pfx\. The file names are essentially random and you’d need a PowerShell script accepting parameters to know for sure which one was just generated… though as a hack, you can just pick the “newest” one.

v5.x allows you to specify a direct save path in the Deployment Tasks.

Also, v5 Deployment Tasks for certificate export allow export in multiple formats, copying to local or remote (UNC paths, SSH/Sftp hosts etc). Depends what you need to use the cert file fore, and if it’s something that needs custom scripting I’d be interested in knowing what. The aim is the identify popular uses that currently require scripting and make them pre-built Deployment Tasks (with UI for configuration), that saves people writing their own scripts all the time. Of course, scripting is still an options (it’s one of the deployment tasks).