Deployment to Mailenable

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Is that possible to add support for Mailenable mail server (Enterprise version in my case - multiple IPs and certificates) to the Deployment Tasks?


Yes it is possible that we may add direct support for mailenable in the future but currently we don’t have a lot of demand for it, so it’s not planned and even then it would be targettting the local service on the same machine. The issue comes with the wide variety of possible configuration that users may be running, possibly with multiple servers (as in your case).

I recommend scripting your own deployment ( as a Powershell deployment task. The app can export certificates into a number of different file formats depending on what the service requires.

Sometime it’s best to configure the service with a dummy certificate (any cert) to get the configuration started and from there you often only have to either copy the certificate files into the same location or set a cert thumbprint value in the registry. It may be worth contacting mailenable support and asking them how certificate updates can be scripted (giving them your example configuration).

There is a thread here that also has some example powershell scripting which could perhaps be adapted: Update SSL certificate -

The main thing to note with scripting for Certify is that the $result object has various useful properties such as the certificate thumbprint and the PFX file path, so that saves having to look these up in the local computer certificate store.

I’d use direct deploy to ME it if it was available. Running multiple ME servers myself.

Hi guys @webprofusion @MaPr :smiley:

I am looking to use certify the web too for MailEnable.

I just wonder if you guys got it to work for you?

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