DigitalOcean DNS Support

Hello! Really enjoying the program. I was wondering if DigitalOcean DNS could be used for DNS validation? I know that certbot on Linux supports it natively, so I was curious if it could also be used in Certify the web on windows.
Thanks in advance!

Hi, yes v5 of the app is currently in development and there is a possibility/likelihood that more DNS providers will be added.

I am investigating whether we can integrate existing DNS providers from the Posh-ACME project - while not designed for use with Certify specifically we may be able to get those to work, otherwise we’re not planning on adding very many more DNS providers as the support burden for them is generally too high. The difficulty is in testing the integrations as this requires maintaining accounts with every provider (and testing for edge cases with each one).

As a workaround/alternative there are free services such as cloudflare dns or you can try acme-dns (CNAME delegation for least privilege DNS TXT updates).

thanks for the update, hopefully you can get it working!

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No problem! I can confirm that at least another 20 DNS providers (including Digital Ocean) will be included in the upcoming v5.x version.

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