DNS-01 (Cloudflare) Multiple zone ids not respected

Trying to setup a certificate for LDAPS, so certificate store only. The certificate has ldaps.domain1.com as well as dc01.domain2.com. DNS is hosted by Cloudflare. Using API token that is authorized for all zones. In the UI for authorizations I added two configurations. Since the two domains are different, the zone ids are different. However, it appears that the zone id that was added/modified last was being used for ALL records. I’ve replicated this multiple times. I can verify this because in Cloudflare I see the ldaps.domain1.com is added as a record in domain2.com.

Thanks, this is a known issue which will be fixed in the next update. In the meantime, add one set of authorization configuration, save the managed certificate (no need to request yet), then add your next auth configuration.

You may need to click onto another managed cert or click New Certificate between adding auth config steps to reset the editor but you may not.

This UI issue is resolved in the new update (5.5.1).