Dns-01 cname not requested

Hi I want to use DNS-01 to authorise a certificate for a domain. Your doc says ’ You will be prompted to create a CNAME pointing to the TXT record hosted by the Certify DNS service. If you miss this prompt check back in the log file for your managed certificate (see the Status tab).

  • Once you have created your CNAME record, delete any existing _acme-challenge TXT record in the same zone to avoid confusion.’

but in my case, no prompt appeared even though I requested DNS-01 under ‘authentication’. It seems to ignore me and use http anyway.

How do I make it work properly please? my credentials were created successfully using the appropriate license key in my account

Hi, I’ve also replied to your support ticket but as per Certify DNS | Certify The Web Docs Certify DNS is a hosted service you can purchase from us. This gives you a license key you can use within the Certify DNS settings of the app.

A common problem where the app might use http instead of your specified DNS settings is if you have specified a Domain Match rule that limits how the DNS authorization should be matched to domains. Generally you don’t need a domain match rule unless you are mixing DNS zones or different DNS providers. You can use the Preview tab to see which authorizations match which identifiers.